g(Math) Google Add-on

gMath is a handy mathematical expression builder for Google Docs, Sheets and Forms. that lets you create complex expressions and graphs with ease. The following videos demonstrate how to use this handy tool.

Google Forms – student assessment

Google Docs – student worksheets

Google Sheets – worksheets and quick quizzes

gMath Help – In case your question about gMath wasn’t answered in these videos, there is  additional information at the manufacturer’s site.


Easy Accents for Google Docs & Slides

Easy Accents is an add-on for Google Docs that lets you quickly add accented foreign language characters to your documents. This add-on works on Chromebooks, Windows and MAC computers. If you plan to use this in your classroom, each student needs to individually install the Easy Accent add-on to their Google account.

Update: 5/16/18: Easy Accents is now available for Google Slides using the same procedure below but from within Google Slides.

Install the Easy Accents Add-on

  1. Open Google Docs (either a new or existing file)
  2. Select Add-ons from the menu
  3. Select Get add-ons
  4. Enter Easy Accents in the search box and press enter
  5. From the search results list, click the blue FREE button to install the Add-on.
  6. Press Allow to confirm you want to add Easy Accents to your Google account.

To use Easy Accents

  1. Open Google Docs (either a new or existing file)
  2. Select Add-ons>Easy Accents>Easy Accents-Start from the menu (a sidebar will open)
  3. Select a language from the drop down list.
  4. Click on the character in the sidebar that you want to add your document.

Voice Typing within Google Docs

Great new feature added to Google Docs

Google just added a speech to text tool in Google Docs. If you are a struggling typist, or your thoughts flow faster than your fingers can dance on the keyboard, then you should give this new tool a try. Watch the video below to learn more.


The following is a partial list of voice commands that you can say to control punctuation and formatting within Google Voice Typing. As you speak, say the command in boldand Google will enter the corresponding keystroke(s). If you pause too long before saying the command, Google may type the word you spoke and not the command. It takes a little bit of practice to become proficient.

  • Period = period (.)
  • Comma = comma (,)
  • Question mark = question mark (?)
  • Exclamation or exclamation point = exclamation point (!)
  • Enter or new line = moves to a new line
  • New paragraph = new paragraph
  • Colon = colon (:)
  • Dash = dash (-)
  • smiley face = 🙂

Edit PDFs with Drive

Convert PDFs into editable files using Google Drive

Google Drive can automatically convert PDF’s to Google Docs using its built-in optical character recognition (OCR) system. After the conversion, you can edit the document and collaborate with peers  I explain the process in this video.