International Keyboards Chromebooks

Add International Keyboards

  1. Click on system tray (clock)
  2. Choose Settings
  3. Scroll down to the bottom of pop-up window, select Show Advanced
  4. Press “Language and Input settings…” button
  5. The next window that opens allow you to add additional keyboards to the Chromebook
    1. Add the US International keyboard by selecting the check box next to its name (keep US keyboard checked as well)
    2. Press add button to display a lost of additional keyboards
      1. Choose your keyboard from the list and press OK
    3. Press done button

Switching Keyboards

  • Click the system tray (clock) and then choose keyboard to open the options window. Choose a keyboard from the list.
    Int_Keybds1  Int_Keybds2
  • Keyboard Shortcut: Alt-Shift scrolls through installed keyboards (watch for abbreviation (e.g US) in lower left corner of screen (must use the left alt button)


For information on adding international keyboards to Windows or MAC computers, view this great resource.