CECA – Form Notifications

CECA Pre-conference: October 25, 2015.

Harness the power of Google’s notification feature to automatically receive email alerts when someone submits your Google form or survey, and use Gmail’s filtering capability to organize these emails for easy access.

Accessing the form’s data file

  1. Create a Google Form
  2. Open the associated Google Sheets file for the form either by clicking on it in Drive or:
    1. Open the form
    2. Select “Responses” from the menu
    3. Select “View responsesFORM1

Set notification rules in Google Sheets

  1.  Within Google Sheets, select Tools > Notification rules…screen1
  2. A window will open to let you set notification rules. Choose:
    1. A user submits a form” from the notify me at section
    2. Email-right away” if you want an email for every form submission or “Email-daily digest” if you prefer to receive a single email each day which contains all the submissions.screen2

Create a filer in Gmail to organize emails

  1. To create a filter in Gmail to group form submission emails:
    1. Open one of the auto generated emails in Gmail
    2. Select More > Filter messages like these
    3. Leave the default choices on the first screen of the pop-up window and select Create Filter with this Search linkgmail2
    4. Put a check mark next to the “Apply the label” and choose your label from the list (you can also choose New label if you have not already created the label).gmail3
    5. Press Save
    6. Press Create Filter

Now every time someone submits the form you will get an email and it will automatically go into the folder/label you just created.