3D Design Software

Specifying which 3D design software is the “best”, or easiest to use, is a personal choice. Interfaces and features sets vary, as do user needs and preferences. Within this collection of 3D design software, you should find a tool that works best for you. Offer students a choice of programs so they can select the program in which they can thrive and not become frustrated.  At the time this list was compiled, all the programs were free for educational use. (list is presented alphabetically not by preference)

  • 3D Tin – A browser-based 3D drawing application.
  • AutoDesk 123D Design – Downloadable program 3D drawing program for Windows, Mac and iPad from the makers of AutoCad.
  • Blender – Open source 3D drawing program for Windows, Mac and Linux.
  • FreeCAD – Supports Windows, Mac and Ubuntu.
  • OpenSCAD – Modeling software for those whose preference leans toward coding instead of drag/drop. Windows. Mac, and Linux.
  • Scupltris – Designed for the digital sculptor and those interested in creating computer generated animations (CG). Windows and Mac.
  • Sketchup – Downloadable 3D drawing program for Windows and Mac.
  • TinkerCad – Browser-based modeling software.

3D Object Library

Need a jump-start on your design. These libraries offer thousands of examples to get you started.