Google Resources

Want to learn how to use Docs or any other Google Product?

  • Google Apps Training Center – Get help using your mail, calendar, documents, and other Google Apps
    • Docs: How to create, edit, and share documents, spreadsheets, and presentations.
    • MyMaps: Use maps like never before by embedding hyperlinks, video and images.
    • Drive: Access, organize, and share all your files from any device, anywhere.
    • Sites: Discover how to quickly create web sites without knowing HTML.
    • Gmail: A guide to Google’s powerful email environment.
    • Calendar: A guide to getting yourself established with Google’s calendaring application.
    • Groups: How to manage and participate in Google Groups.
    • Chat: Send instant messages to other Gmail users with the Google Chat gadget.
    • Contacts: Using Google Contacts at work or school
    • YouTube: YouTube Help Center
    • Chrome Sync: Learn how to sign into Chrome and enable Sync
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