Parts of the Human Eye

This self-paced activity lets students explore the parts of the human eye. It is aligned to the CT grade 5 science curriculum.CourseHomeScreen

Students can:

  • Drag labels to identify parts of the eye
  • Assess their ability to identify parts of the eye
  • Assess their ability to identify the function of parts of the eye

Google Resources

Want to learn how to use Docs or any other Google Product?

  • Google Apps Training Center – Get help using your mail, calendar, documents, and other Google Apps
    • Docs: How to create, edit, and share documents, spreadsheets, and presentations.
    • MyMaps: Use maps like never before by embedding hyperlinks, video and images.
    • Drive: Access, organize, and share all your files from any device, anywhere.
    • Sites: Discover how to quickly create web sites without knowing HTML.
    • Gmail: A guide to Google’s powerful email environment.
    • Calendar: A guide to getting yourself established with Google’s calendaring application.
    • Groups: How to manage and participate in Google Groups.
    • Chat: Send instant messages to other Gmail users with the Google Chat gadget.
    • Contacts: Using Google Contacts at work or school
    • YouTube: YouTube Help Center
    • Chrome Sync: Learn how to sign into Chrome and enable Sync
  • Learn

Quick links to Google updates and status

Adobe Voice Introduction

Thinking of using Adobe Voice in you classroom? Here are some essential resources to get started. Adobe Education Exchange provides an online workshop that walks you through the process of installing the App, making your first story, and then sharing that story with others. You will need to sign-up for a free Adobe account if you don’t already have one.

This ten minute overview video is probably the fastest route to get acquainted with Voice.