Google Classroom update

Google updates Classroom to support co-teaching and draft assignments.

With the latest update to Google Classroom, the two most frequently requested features that teachers ask me about are now available. If you co-teach, Classroom fully supports multiple teachers in the same classroom. No more work around!

The second major feature is the ability to make draft versions of assignments or announcements. Now you can control when material becomes available to students instead of releasing it immediately. Google really does listen to your requests. This video explain how to use these two new features.


Google Collaboration

Google has an awesome set of collaboration tools built into their applications. If you are not taking advantage of these productivity-enhancing features, relax and take six minutes to watch this great introductory video. Even if you already use the powerful blue “share” button, you will still pick up a few tips. It’s both entertaining and informative.

Google Sheets: List of Names

Two great tools to make working with lists of names easier.

A spreadsheet (like Google Sheets or Excel) is a great tool to sort and manage lists of names. Depending on how the data was entered, sorting and manipulating the data can sometimes be a challenge. Occasionally it is easier to have the first name and last name in separate columns. Other times, it would be nice to have one column with the first and last names combined. In this video, I demonstrate two easy formulas that let you take control of your data and save you time.