Explore the Moon’s Phases

This self-paced activity lets students explore the phases of the moon. It is aligned to the CT grade 5 science curriculum.

Students can:

  • Use a slider to observe the moon as it transitions through its phases
  • Order the moon’s phases
  • Explore the lunar cycle
  • Identify waxing versus waning moon phases
  • Confirm their understanding of the moon’s phases by correctly identifying images of the moon


Click the image to launch the program.


Quick Sum in Google Sheets

If you need to sum a column of numbers in a spreadsheet, and aren’t comfortable using formulas, then this video about the “quick sum” feature in Google Sheets is for you. Simply highlighting your data gives you the sum, mean, min, max and count of the values. Fast, easy and NO formulas. You’re going to love it.

Desktop Shortcuts

Add shortcuts for PowerSchool, Bloomboard, and the Help Desk

Web-based programs like PowerSchool, Bloomboard and even the district’s help desk, do not get “installed” on your computer. The icons that appear on your desktop are merely shortcuts that launch a particular website. If you are missing an icon, or want to add icons for other frequented websites, this video explains the process for Chrome, Safari and Internet Explorer browsers. Take control of your desktop. You don’t need your building tech for this task.

Edit PDFs with Drive

Convert PDFs into editable files using Google Drive

Google Drive can automatically convert PDF’s to Google Docs using its built-in optical character recognition (OCR) system. After the conversion, you can edit the document and collaborate with peers  I explain the process in this video.


Getting Started with Google Classroom

This is a wonderful introduction to using Google Classroom for teachers. At just under 12 minutes, it is a fabulous primer for getting started creating assignments, as well as getting a look at what students will see when they login to Classroom.

Google Classroom Custom Themes

Personalize your online classroom

Google released a new feature in Classroom that lets teachers personalize their online classroom with custom themes. In addition to adding lots of new gallery images and patterns, you can now upload your own image to create a unique Classroom experience.