Print multiple Google files at once

A time saver for printing student work

You use Google Classroom to collect student assignments, but now you find a situation where you need to print the work of 20 students. Maybe you want to display student work on the classroom walls as exemplars, or perhaps you need a copy of the work for a permanent record. Instead of printing each file individually, use PDF Mergy to minimize the task. This quick and easy tool combines multiple Google Docs into a single PDF file so you can print everything with just a single click. The following 90 Second Tech tip explains the process.

Need help installing PDF Mergy? Instructions to install PDF Mergy

Remove distracting content from YouTube videos

Take control of your videos by trimming and removing unwanted content.

Using video to support instruction is helpful, but it can also be problematic.
If you ever felt the need to:

  • Remove distracting, and possibly inappropriate, videos that YouTube suggests on the same screen as your video
  • Skip over the commercials that prevent you from viewing a video
  • Play just a selected portion of the video
  • Hide user comments and feedback

…then this week’s 90 Second Tech tip has the solution. TubeChop lets you take control of how your videos play.


View instructions to embed your video in your Weebly site.

Update 6-5-15:  Nicertube lets you show YouTube videos without any distracting elements. Just your video on a clean-looking page.

Email Notifications

Turn off student email notifications in shared Google docs

A teacher contacted me earlier this week letting me know how well Google Classroom is working, but also how frustrating it is to get an email every time a student replies or resolves a comment. If you want to limit the email reaching your inbox, this 90 Second Tech tip explains the simple process. With just a few clicks, you can regain control of your email.