Weebly Websites

If you need to create a class website, Weebly is a wonderful tool to use. It’s easy to learn, very powerful, and also free. Make sure you sign up for an account with your GPS email address. If you want some hand-holding to get started, this video (55 minutes) takes you through the whole process. If you’re in a rush to get started, you only need the first 10 minutes or so. Many users figure the process out on their own, because as I already mentioned, Weebly is really easy. Most teachers report that they create their site in less than two hours, and most of that time is spent trying to figure out exactly what content they want to post on their website.

If you already have a Weebly site and want to take it to another level, then this video is definitely for you. It shows you how to add pages, customize menus and offers great tips about other features.