URL Shortener: goo.gl

Tame complicated website addresses with a URL shortener.

Suppose you want your students to go to the iCONN website listed below to begin a research project:

httq:// rqst-agent.auto-graphics-com/ homepages/customerwide/ iConnLogin.asp?  cuid=rqst&cusrvr=sql02&lid=& dataid=&class=&barcode=&term=& qmisc=&s=&URL Encode=&gale=&LinkID=&widget=& ft=&versoBarcode=& versoPassword=&index1=&tab=

How much class time will be lost as students type in that complicated address?
In this 90 second video, I’ll show you how to shorten that url to a more manageable address like this: goo.gl/btgqet