Google Password Initialization

Before students can use their Google accounts, they must initialize the account by setting their Google password to their current GPS password. This is a one time process and takes just seconds. Ask your building technician for the URL to the password change website.

This video was created for teachers to show to their students so a whole class can initialize their passwords in less than 15 minutes.



Help Desk System

Faculty and staff should use the district’s help desk system for all technical support requests. The web-based system makes it easy to create a support ticket which automatically gets routed to the correct technician based on the building where your work and the nature of your problem. You will receive an automated email with a unique ticket number upon creation, and additional emails whenever there are updates to your ticket.

The help desk can be accessed from work or at home by going to:

Use your school username and password (not your email address).


Click the link below for a quick demonstration on how to log in and create a support ticket (2:12)


Weebly Websites

If you need to create a class website, Weebly is a wonderful tool to use. It’s easy to learn, very powerful, and also free. Make sure you sign up for an account with your GPS email address. If you want some hand-holding to get started, this video (55 minutes) takes you through the whole process. If you’re in a rush to get started, you only need the first 10 minutes or so. Many users figure the process out on their own, because as I already mentioned, Weebly is really easy. Most teachers report that they create their site in less than two hours, and most of that time is spent trying to figure out exactly what content they want to post on their website.

If you already have a Weebly site and want to take it to another level, then this video is definitely for you. It shows you how to add pages, customize menus and offers great tips about other features.

Tech Notes – Archive

Looking for prior issues of Tech Notes?

Epson Brightlink

Make your interactive whiteboard more than just a fancy projector. If you are not taking advantage of all the great pen functionality that comes with your Brightlink, you are really missing out on a great opportunity. The following introductory videos explain how to to use the pen to increase the productivity of this awesome tool.

If you need software installed, or want a demo on how to connect your computer to the Brightlink, contact me or submit a help desk ticket.

URL Shortener:

Tame complicated website addresses with a URL shortener.

Suppose you want your students to go to the iCONN website listed below to begin a research project:

httq:// homepages/customerwide/ iConnLogin.asp?  cuid=rqst&cusrvr=sql02&lid=& dataid=&class=&barcode=&term=& qmisc=&s=&URL Encode=&gale=&LinkID=&widget=& ft=&versoBarcode=& versoPassword=&index1=&tab=

How much class time will be lost as students type in that complicated address?
In this 90 second video, I’ll show you how to shorten that url to a more manageable address like this: