Tabs, indents & outdents

Not quite sure how to format citations in Google Docs or set tabs, then this 90 Second Tech video will get you started.



Edits & suggestions

In this 90 second tech clip, we look at the difference between the editing and suggesting modes in Google Docs. “Suggesting” is a great tool for peer editing activities.  Give it a try.



Flubaroo – A tool to grade assessments

Lots of teachers are asking questions about using Flubaroo to grade assessments. It’s a great tool. Flubaroo is an add-on for Google Sheets that must be installed from the Chrome store (super easy). (Google Sheets is Google’s spreadsheet program which is similar to Excel).

This is how it works:

  1. You create an assessment using Google Forms.
  2. Students complete the form/survey, and then Google automatically records the responses in a spreadsheet that it creates in your Google Drive.
  3. You add a row to your spreadsheet with the correct answers for your assessment.
    • You can have more than one correct answer
    • Answers are exact matches, so Flubaroo works best with multiple choice, true/false type questions. You can use text boxes, but realize that US does not equal USA or United States or any other combination. Flubaroo uses a letter by letter match and they must be identical.
  4. Tell Flubaroo to grade the assignment and in just a few moments it will create a new worksheet in your spreadsheet with a summary of the data.
  5. You’re done! When you get some practice with this, you can go from students completing an assessment to a graded assessment in under a minute. Grades still need to be entered into Powerschool manually. Consider it for entrance/exit surveys.

This intro video (3:14) explains how to get started with Flubaroo. If you have additional questions, I can always come to your PLC meetings. Just ask.

A more detailed explanation of using Flubaroo.

Google Forms – Getting started

I consider Forms the unsung hero of Google Apps. Users tend to get stuck in the Google Docs world and may not even realize this program exists. Forms is a very useful program with many classroom applications.

If you want to explore Forms on your own, this video (9:05) will get you started, but I feel it leaves out some important information that can make Forms easier for you. My suggestion, poke around Forms for a short while (like 10 minutes), and then contact me before you roll-out your first classroom activity so we can fine tune things a bit. I’m sure you’re going to like this program.

Update: 7/2/15 An alternative video about getting started with forms.