iPad Apps Used in GPS

A list of some of the more commonly used iPad apps within our District.


Freeform whiteboard drawing application, single page

  • Three fixed colors pens: black, blue, red One variable color pen
  • Three pen sizes
  • Eraser tool – three sizes
  • Button to download into camera roll
  • Trash can
  • Background options:
    • From camera roll (can illustrate)
    • Colors
    • Lines
    • Graph
    • Sports fields
  • Share via email, save image
  • Can’t resume old drawings
  • Must save files
  • Must open saved files via camera roll



Learn about Doceri Video

Freeform whiteboard drawing application, records voice, multiple sides

  • Three fixed colors pens: black, blue, red One variable color pen
  • Many background patterns, colors, photo from camera, or camera roll
  • Multiple pen choices: tips, color, arrows, shapes
  • Eraser tool
  • Undo-redo
  • Clear slide
  • Mp4 or mov export options
  • Intro video
  • Zoom into screen
  • Timeline viewer, editor
  • Wrist guard
  • Adjustable speed for playback


My Story School Edition

Learn About My Story Video

Freeform whiteboard drawing application, multiple pages, audio, clipart/stickers

  • Drawing tools: pencil, paintbrush, marker
  • Eraser
  • Shapes
  • Page manager: delete, duplicate, reorder
  • Clipart – search, layers, rotate, scale, mirror, duplicate
  • Record audio


Adobe Spark

Learn about Adobe Spark Video

Students create slide shows

  • Templates
  • Add background music, adjust volume
  • Multiple slide layouts
  • Records voice
  • Add video, text, photos, icons
  • Search for photos or add from camera roll
  • Trim video length, crop, zoom
  • Multiple slides
  • Chang slide duration (time)
  • Saves to camera roll
  • Shared Adobe account with entire class


Chatter Pix Kids

Learn About Chatter Pix Kids Video

Animates objects to make them appear as if they are talking.

  • Saves to camera roll
  • Add text, stickers, frames
  • Take picture of any classroom object
  • Can edit saved work
  • perspective/another’s view



Learn about the iPad camera video

Photo and video camera

  • Still photo
  • Time lapse
  • Video
  • Front or rear camera
  • Flash
  • timer


Camera Roll

Learn about the iPad camera roll video

Edit photos

  • Crop photo
  • Change colors
  • Red eye adjustment
  • Play videos
  • Share photos and videos

Math Equations

Codecogs is a useful tool to add math formulas into Google Docs and Forms. The video below provides a great demonstration of how easy it can be to make a math assessment with Forms. Codecogs is introduced at the 5:00 minute mark.


Equatio is another great tool for working with equations and is available in the Chrome Web store as a Chrome Extension. Teachers are eligible to get a free version of this product. Sign-up here.


Go Guardian is the Chromebook content filtering and teacher classroom management software used in our district.  Teachers can use this software to monitor Chromebook activity in the classroom by:

  • Viewing thumbnails of students screens
  • Opening/closing open tabs on student Chromebooks
  • Locking Chromebook screens
  • Chatting electronically with students.

This two minute video gives a quick introduction on how GoGuardian can be used in the classroom.



Here are some resources to get you started:

Adobe Spark (Voice)

Adobe Spark (formerly Adobe Voice) is an awesome multi-platform application (Chromebooks, IPads, PC, MAC)  that lets students demonstrate their understanding of concepts through the use of photos, icons, video, text and voice recordings. The output is a movie file that is easily viewed in the classroom or embedded on websites.  Multiple templates that include background music and color palettes enable students to create professional presentations in one or two class sessions. This tool is successfully used from kindergarten on upward. This twelve-minute video explains everything you need to start using Spark in your classroom.