Record Video on a Chromebook

This web based utility lets you record video on a Chromebook and save it your Google drive:  Simply go to the website, press the red record button to begin recording. Press the stop button to finish the recording, and then save your file.




If you need to edit a video file, you can use this tool: This site does require that grant permission to access your Google drive.



Go Guardian is the Chromebook content filtering and teacher classroom management software used in our district.  Teachers can use this software to monitor Chromebook activity in the classroom by:

  • Viewing thumbnails of students screens
  • Opening/closing open tabs on student Chromebooks
  • Locking Chromebook screens
  • Chatting electronically with students.

This two minute video gives a quick introduction on how GoGuardian can be used in the classroom.



Here are some resources to get you started:

Adobe Spark (Voice)

Adobe Spark (formerly Adobe Voice) is an awesome multi-platform application (Chromebooks, IPads, PC, MAC)  that lets students demonstrate their understanding of concepts through the use of photos, icons, video, text and voice recordings. The output is a movie file that is easily viewed in the classroom or embedded on websites.  Multiple templates that include background music and color palettes enable students to create professional presentations in one or two class sessions. This tool is successfully used from kindergarten on upward. This twelve-minute video explains everything you need to start using Spark in your classroom.


TPACK, or Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge, is a model that helps teachers consider how their knowledge domains intersect in order to effectively teach and engage students with technology. Learn more about TPACK and how you can combine your knowledge of content, pedagogy, and technology for innovative teaching and learning.

Google Classroom Updates from 2017

Updates to Google Classroom are driven by user feedback and released on a continuous basis.  In 2016 there were several great new features released. This video summarizes the changes made to Classroom over the past year. If you are not familiar, with “topics,” guardian emails, draft scheduling assignments and a host of other topics, this video is well worth 17 minutes of your time.


If you are a new user for Classroom, or need a refresher, this video provides a great introduction to setting up your classroom and the basic steps for creating assignments.