iPad Apps Used in GPS

A list of some of the more commonly used iPad apps within our District.


Freeform whiteboard drawing application, single page

  • Three fixed colors pens: black, blue, red One variable color pen
  • Three pen sizes
  • Eraser tool – three sizes
  • Button to download into camera roll
  • Trash can
  • Background options:
    • From camera roll (can illustrate)
    • Colors
    • Lines
    • Graph
    • Sports fields
  • Share via email, save image
  • Can’t resume old drawings
  • Must save files
  • Must open saved files via camera roll



Learn about Doceri Video

Freeform whiteboard drawing application, records voice, multiple sides

  • Three fixed colors pens: black, blue, red One variable color pen
  • Many background patterns, colors, photo from camera, or camera roll
  • Multiple pen choices: tips, color, arrows, shapes
  • Eraser tool
  • Undo-redo
  • Clear slide
  • Mp4 or mov export options
  • Intro video
  • Zoom into screen
  • Timeline viewer, editor
  • Wrist guard
  • Adjustable speed for playback


My Story School Edition

Learn About My Story Video

Freeform whiteboard drawing application, multiple pages, audio, clipart/stickers

  • Drawing tools: pencil, paintbrush, marker
  • Eraser
  • Shapes
  • Page manager: delete, duplicate, reorder
  • Clipart – search, layers, rotate, scale, mirror, duplicate
  • Record audio


Adobe Spark

Learn about Adobe Spark Video

Students create slide shows

  • Templates
  • Add background music, adjust volume
  • Multiple slide layouts
  • Records voice
  • Add video, text, photos, icons
  • Search for photos or add from camera roll
  • Trim video length, crop, zoom
  • Multiple slides
  • Chang slide duration (time)
  • Saves to camera roll
  • Shared Adobe account with entire class


Chatter Pix Kids

Learn About Chatter Pix Kids Video

Animates objects to make them appear as if they are talking.

  • Saves to camera roll
  • Add text, stickers, frames
  • Take picture of any classroom object
  • Can edit saved work
  • perspective/another’s view



Learn about the iPad camera video

Photo and video camera

  • Still photo
  • Time lapse
  • Video
  • Front or rear camera
  • Flash
  • timer


Camera Roll

Learn about the iPad camera roll video

Edit photos

  • Crop photo
  • Change colors
  • Red eye adjustment
  • Play videos
  • Share photos and videos

Math Equations

Codecogs is a useful tool to add math formulas into Google Docs and Forms. The video below provides a great demonstration of how easy it can be to make a math assessment with Forms. Codecogs is introduced at the 5:00 minute mark.


Equatio is another great tool for working with equations and is available in the Chrome Web store as a Chrome Extension. Teachers are eligible to get a free version of this product. Sign-up here.


Go Guardian is the Chromebook content filtering and teacher classroom management software used in our district.  Teachers can use this software to monitor Chromebook activity in the classroom by:

  • Viewing thumbnails of students screens
  • Opening/closing open tabs on student Chromebooks
  • Locking Chromebook screens
  • Chatting electronically with students.

This two minute video gives a quick introduction on how GoGuardian can be used in the classroom.



Here are some resources to get you started: